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16 April 2019

130 attendees at the Award Ceremony


Award ceremony of the photo contest

From March 15 to April 5, Campus France and France Alumni organized a photo contest for international students and former international students in France, asking them to visually capture their definition of "Francophonie" with a French expression. We received more than 200 pics! Congratulations to the participants! 

After the opening of the ceremony by Béatrice KHAIAT, Executive Director of Campus France and Bernard CERQUIGLINI, Honorary Rector of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, we awarded the prizes to the 7 winners:

1st prize: Akram Hecini

« Au pied de la lettre »

2nd prize: Cindy Morales 
« Avec des 'si' on mettrait Paris en bouteille »

3rd prize: Pierre-Marie Fusz
« Ramener sa fraise »

4th prize: Kristina Berkut 
« La francophonie n’en fait pas des caisses »

5th prize: Alexandru Apetroe
« À mes heures perdues »

6th  prize: Fifi Kébé
« Avoir le cœur sur la main »

7th prize: Ana Godeiro
« Le bruit du silence »




Crossing views on Francophonie "French language: culture, education and employment"

After the award ceremony, we had the pleasure of welcoming five speakers who spoke about Francophonie and the French language as the language of culture, education and employment. We had a great, rich and constructive time!

Speakers :

  • Bernard CERQUIGLINI, Honorary Rector of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, Member of OuLipo and TV host on TV5Monde
  • Marianne CONDE SALAZAR, Director of International Relations for Education and French Business, Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Muriel CORDIER,Head of the Department of Intelligence, Innovation, Foresight at the University Agency of Francophonie (AUF)
  • Pascal SANCHEZ, Head of the Department of Development and Communication (CIEP)
  • Irina MULUILE, Alumni et actress (The Bureau)




Cocktail dinner, music, and networking

Finally, we listened to Edikan Okon, a Nigerian alumni, singing Heroes by Mariah Carey. After this wonderful musical break, the group "Jazz lovers" played while the participants shared a networking moment! A big thank you to the 130 participants and speakers!

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