The new version of the Campus France Key Figures published in February 2017 presents in a single document all the data about student mobility worldwide and in France.

The report highlights, among others, that:

  • The number of students in international mobility has doubled over the last 12 years to reach 4.3 million in 2014. France, first non-English speaking destination, reaches the 4th rank of host countries after the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia (source: UNESCO).
  • The number of students in Erasmus mobility has increased by 53% over 5 years, and by 7% in one year. France stepped back two ranks over the last five years to the 4th rank of countries in Erasmus mobility after Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. Conversely, France is now first among countries of origin, before Germany (source: European Commission).
  • The number of foreign students in France increased by 8.7% over 5 years to reach 309,642 at the academic start of classes, a continued increase but smoother than global mobility. The growth of the number of foreign students in France is more marked in "grandes écoles" and non-university trainings (+26.6% over 5 years) than in universities (+3.2%). The first area of origin for international students in mobility in France is Northern Africa (23 %), followed by sub-Saharan Africa and the European Union (20 % each), then Asia and Oceania (17%). There is a slight recess of Chinese students and a sharp rise of Italian and Ivorian students (source: MENESR)
  • The number of French students in graduating mobility kept increasing since 2008 to reach 78,758 in 2014, a +31% increase over 3 years (source: UNESCO).