What should the policy of France towards Arab countries be? How to efficiently fight the spreading of the Salafi movement and radical Islamism? These are a few of the questions asked by Hakim El Karoui in his newly-released report for the Montaigne Institute: Nouveau monde arabe, nouvelle politique arabe pour la France ("New Arab world, new Arab policy for France"). To supplement his work, the author of the report has interviewed several experts, including Béatrice Khaiat, general director of Campus France.  

For Hakim El Karoui: "French politics need to focus on new priorities. Our two main challenges are Islam and migrations. New ways must be designed to face the two challenges which are critical for the present and future of France."

The author of the report reminds that about "6 million people living in France have an identity link with the region and 1.2 million French citizens live in this region, and most of them are dual citizens." "Despite of these deep bonds, out influence decreases every year.  Soft power is decreasing in favour of the English-speaking world or Germany. "

This is a major issue for France and Hakim Karoui expresses 6 propositions to draw up a new strategy.

Independent think tank created in 2000, the Montaigne Institute is a platform dedicated to reflexion, propositions and experimentations dedicated to public policies in France.

Read the report (in French)

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