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03 May 2019

A gobal evaluation of biodiversity currently taking place in Paris

This international IPBES session, nicknamed the "IPCC of biodiversity", is bringing together representatives from 130 different states and hundreds of researchers from all over the world with the aim of producing a global evaluation report on biodiversity and ecosystemic services that will serve as the base for future policies on environmental matters.

As underlined by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, a partner of IPBES, this will be "the first report of its kind since 2005 and the first ever to be intergovernmental". The document in question, continues the minister, "will serve as a reference for the development of the future global biodiversity framework post 2020".

The IPBES will be presenting a global overview of the state of the natural world and its ecosystems, to which numerous French researchers have contributed, thus positioning France as a major player in the biodiversity sector. In concrete terms, above and beyond the current state of play with respect to biodiversity, this report will offer forecasts and courses of action for the coming decades. Totalling 1,800 pages in length and the fruit of the efforts of 150 experts in 50 different countries, the report will be made public at the close of the session on Saturday 4 May.

Biodiversity at the core of what Campus France does

Interested in biodiversity and want to make it the subject of your research? The Campus France catalogue dedicated to research and doctoral studies contains details of more than one hundred biodiversity related thesis programmes. Inside it you'll find comprehensive information about entry requirements, the funding offered and the application process. 

Campus France will be organising special research and innovation get-togethers from 8 to 11 July 2019. Biodiversity, the climate and sustainable development will be among the main featured topics discussed at the workshops, conferences and round tables.  

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