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Jamil Sara, 26 years old
An aeronautical engineer graduated from ISAE-Supaéro (2012)


What are your bonds with France today?

I am bilingual and I studied in French institutions in Meknes (Jean-Jacques Rousseau school then Paul Valéry high school). My father has lived about 15 years in France (studies in architecture, then a few years of work) and, together with my family, we often came to France to spend the holidays and visit my father's friends. My education has been highly focused on French culture and values. And it's just that I love France, really.

Tell us an important event that happened during your studies in France

I can't think of a particular event to tell, apart from the fact that I felt at home as soon as I arrived in France, since day 1. Looking back, I find it very odd, I didn't think I would feel integrated so quickly when I arrived in France. This also illustrates the significance and scope of French influence in Morocco!

Tell us in what way your academic route in France has helped you in your professional life 

The level of studies in France is exceptional and highly praised. My studies in preparatory class and "grande école" (elite school) in engineering have helped me develop qualities and skills that help me learn and progress quickly in the corporate world.

In what way do you feel different after your experience in France?

 I feel more mature, I am more independent, self-confident and happy, in all aspects of life. 

What do you expect from the France Alumni Website?

To develop my network, be helpful to the network, keep in touch with France, participate in events and theme groups, share my experience and my gratitude for the beautiful country France is, and, for the AEFE, to be an ambassador of France, my country of adoption, abroad, and an ambassador of Morocco, my country of origin, in France.