29/09/2017 07.30 PM
14 rue Troyon - 75017 - Paris


☞FILM: ‘A Quest for Meaning’ directed by Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Ménardière (88 minutes)
☞DATE & TIME: Friday 29th September – Starting at 7:30pm ; screening starts at 8:30pm
☞NEW CINEMA: Club de l’Etoile, 14 rue Troyon 75017 Paris
☞SPECIAL PRICE: €7 full price; €5 for students. Tickets available ONLINE and at the door. Both cards and cash accepted at the cinema.

‘Two affable French post-adolescents travel in India and Latin America and try to address the question which has enticed philosophers for millennia: Mom, why do we live? The film vacillates between a plea for increased political ecology, a tribute to exoticism, a call for negative growth (décroissance) and de-digitalization, an attack against 'big corporations', and the nostalgia for ancient or traditional ways of living. The greatest merit of this documentary is probably that it pushes us to ask or reformulate that one question that really matters in life. And that is no small achievement.’
— E. De Groof

‘A Quest For Meaning is neither an environmental film nor a movie about travel, neither totally fictional nor absolute nonfiction, personal but not overly intimate... In drawing together the messages of an urban gardener, a cellular biologist, an itinerant shaman, and a singer-turned- CEO, Marc and Nathanael invite us to join them on their soul-searching quest, calling into question our vision of the world. They invite us to join them in reconsidering our rapport with nature, happiness, and the purpose of life. 87 minutes to help us regain confidence in our ability to effect change within ourselves, and within society.’
— Official Synopsis



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