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Fondation Pierre Fabre

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Domaine d'En Doyse
Routre de Saint Sulpice
Lavaur - France



An iconic founder

Half the world population lacks access to essential medicines even as new pandemics come into being and old ones resurface. In the poorest countries, medications are often non-existent or of questionable quality due to insufficient controls, or even take the form of counterfeit drugs that can be fatal. We can no longer tolerate this situation. Fondation Pierre Fabre was created to actively help resolve these imbalances by improving access to quality medicines and healthcare. This mission must be meticulously carried out, for it is human health that is at stake, and its initiatives must respect the fundamental ethical and moral values ​​that led to its founding. It is a mission of constantly improving healthcare to treat the most underprivileged populations of our planet. I have no doubt that the Foundation, with the support of so many who share these values, is in a position to meet this challenge and win this fight for the greater good.”

Pierre Fabre

A public utility-recognised foundation

The extraordinary career of Pierre Fabre, founder of the Laboratories and Foundation bearing his name, is marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic focus. He believed that the success of his Laboratories placed a special responsibility on his shoulders. He therefore fought to be awarded charitable status, declared as working in the public interest. This is the assurance of reliability and steadfast presence, entailing the government oversight of the foundation’s activities through the State’s representation on the Board of Directors, and opening the doors to receiving government grants, donations and bequests. The Foundation was awarded this status on 6 April 1999.