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Techniques de l’Ingénieur

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39 Boulevard Ornano
Immeuble Pleyad 1
Saint-Denis - France


Chef de Produits
Département Marketing


Engineering technical intelligence resources,

Professional French resources delivering clear, reliable, up-to-date information

  • The benchmark of technical and scientific expertise: a knowledge base tailored to engineers, researchers, scientists, project managers, design offices, and production operations teams.
  • Constantly updated online knowledge base comprising over 10,000 articles, all proofread by carefully-selected independent scientific committees.
  • It provides engineers and scientists with the necessary document packs to maintain and to further education whilst enhancing professional development. Techniques de l’Ingénieur combines key knowledge for industry and research into a core curriculum.
  • Internationally renowned specialists join forces to contribute to the excellence of Techniques de l’Ingénieur as an unparalleled knowledge base.