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    1. Wednesday 4th October 2017 to 10:00 AM
      French Day on Campus

      On October 4th, Macquarie University will host the first “French day on campus”, in collaboration with Campus France Australia, the Alliance Française of Sydney, the French...

    2. Friday 17th March 2017 to 06:00 PM
      Good France 2017

      On 21 March, over 2000 restaurants in 150 countries will participate in the Goût de/Good France event to celebrate French gastronomy. This event, orchestrated by the French...

    3. Friday 9th December 2016 to 09:00 AM to Sunday 30th April 2017 to 05:00 PM
      Versailles: Treasures from the Palace

      More than 130 rare treasures from the Palace of Versailles in France will be on display at the National Gallery of Australian in Canberra, from December 9 2016. The NGA is working...

    4. Friday 18th November 2016 to 05:30 PM

      The Challenges of the 21st Century

    5. Thursday 29th September 2016 to 09:00 AM to Sunday 2nd October 2016
      2016 FATFA/SAFTA Conference

      French Synergies / Synergies Françaises Réflexions, Rencontres, Réalisations

    6. Wednesday 21st September 2016 to 03:00 AM to Wednesday 28th September 2016 to 09:00 PM
      Masterclass on Design Thinking in Sydney

      You are cordially invited to a Masterclass on Design Thinking and Change Management on 28 September 2016, led by Professor Kevyn Yong, Dean of ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific...

    7. Saturday 16th July 2016 to 10:00 AM to Sunday 17th July 2016 to 05:00 PM
      Bastille Day: Melbourne French Festival

      BASTILLE DAY FRENCH FESTIVAL 16 & 17 JULY 2016 - STATE LIBRARY VICTORIA FREE ENTRANCE Now entering its second year, the Bastille Day French Festival in Melbourne will once again...

    8. Saturday 16th July 2016 to 10:00 AM to Sunday 17th July 2016 to 05:00 PM
      Bastille Day: Melbourne French Festival

      BASTILLE DAY FRENCH FESTIVAL 16 & 17 JULY 2016 - STATE LIBRARY VICTORIA FREE ENTRANCE Now entering its second year, the Bastille Day French Festival in Melbourne will once again...

    9. Wednesday 13th July 2016 to 06:00 PM
      Europe Lecture 2016 by Prof. Patrick Weil

      Europe Lecture 2016 After the 2015 Paris Attacks: What is the Future of the French Republic? Prof. Patrick Weil Wednesday 13 July, 2016 Dixson Room, State...

    10. Thursday 23rd June 2016 to 10:00 AM to Sunday 17th July 2016 to 05:00 PM
      Between the lines: Australian artists and war

      Between the lines: Australian artists and war draws from the Gallery’s collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and decorative arts to explore the experiences of...

    11. Monday 20th June 2016 to 07:05 PM to Saturday 2nd July 2016 to 09:00 PM
      International Conference: "Marguerite Duras and The Arts"

      Organised in partnership with Société Internationale Marguerite Duras (International Society Marguerite Duras) by Dr Michelle Royer Department of French Studies, University of...

    12. Sunday 19th June 2016 to 02:30 PM
      Fête de la Musique in Melbourne!

      Experience one of the world largest live music event in your cityAlliance Française, France Alumni & RRRpresent Fête de la Musique (Make Music Day) Presented by the...

    13. Wednesday 8th June 2016 to 10:00 AM to Sunday 14th August 2016 to 05:00 PM
      Frédéric Mouchet: The South Australia of the French Explorers

      Photographic Exhibition

    14. Tuesday 24th May 2016 to 09:00 AM
      Somewhere in France Exhibition

      11 March – 26 June 2016 Noel Shaw Gallery, Baillieu Library This exhibition will explore how the experience of Australians on the Western front during WWI shaped new ways of...

    15. Thursday 24th March 2016 to 01:50 AM to Thursday 31st March 2016
      Free French Lessons with the Alliance Française de Canberra!

      Online French Lessons

    16. Wednesday 3rd February 2016 to 06:30 PM to Thursday 24th March 2016
      Dhumbadha Munga (Talking Knowledge)

      An exhibition by Simon Glass, Jeffrey Jackson,Robby Knight, Shane Lovett, Paul McCann, Kent Morris, Garry Scott, Steve Verde, Peter Waples Crowe, Raymond Young.

    17. Monday 7th December 2015 to Tuesday 8th December 2015
      French-Australian workshop about management and organization studies

      The next OAP will take place in December 2015 at UTS (Sydney) in Australia. It will be about "Managerial techniques and materiality in management and organization studies"....

    18. Saturday 5th December 2015 to 10:00 AM to Sunday 6th December 2015 to 05:00 PM
      2015 French Christmas Market

      Come and enjoy a French weekend at the one and only Alliance Française de Melbourne’s Eildon Mansion in St Kilda! This two-day FREE event is family friendly and an ideal...

    19. Friday 6th November 2015 to 06:00 PM to Wednesday 18th November 2015
      Gold Coast Architecture Exhibition


    20. Monday 2nd November 2015 to Monday 30th November 2015
      Exhibition: Silvia Tuccimei


    21. Friday 23rd October 2015 to 06:30 PM
      Why are French and Australian commemorations of the centenary of the First World...

      French History Friday

    22. Wednesday 7th October 2015 to 06:30 PM

      Opening Wednesday 7 October 2015, 6.30pm to 8pmAlliance Française, Eildon Gallery, 51 Grey Street ST KILDAExhibition dates: 07 October – 07 November, 2015Free admission In...

    23. Tuesday 6th October 2015 to Saturday 31st October 2015
      Tales of the Blue Rust


    24. Sunday 20th September 2015 to 08:00 AM
      City Bay Fun Run 2015


    25. Wednesday 16th September 2015 to 07:00 AM
      Smart Cities Business Forum | Business Awards


    26. Tuesday 15th September 2015 to 03:30 PM
      Meet François Garde, French author of "What Became of the White Savage" / "Ce...

      French literature

    27. Monday 14th September 2015 to 06:30 PM
      François Garde in conversation with Mike Shuttleworth

      French literature

    28. Friday 4th September 2015 to 06:30 PM
      Representing the First World War in paintings in France and Australia

      French History Friday

    29. Tuesday 1st September 2015 to 08:00 PM to Saturday 12th September 2015
      Exit the King, by Eugène Ionesco


    30. Monday 24th August 2015 to Tuesday 25th August 2015
      4th Forum of the French Researchers in Australia Network (FRAN)

      Science, Technology and Research

    31. Thursday 20th August 2015 to 06:30 PM
      Revolutionary Lives: Characters with a cause - Q&A with Professor Peter McPhee

      French History, The French Revolution, Robespierre

    32. Monday 17th August 2015 to Monday 31st August 2015
      Albert Camus Digital Exhibition

      French literature

    33. Sunday 16th August 2015 to 12:30 PM
      What Became of the White Savage


    34. Saturday 15th August 2015 to 03:00 PM
      Savoir Vivre in the 21st Century

      Talk & Table presentation

    35. Wednesday 12th August 2015 to 05:00 PM
      French Lives in Australia

      Book launch

    36. Saturday 8th August 2015 to 02:00 PM
      Artist’s Floor Talk by Lucia Rossi

      Art - From Idea to Execution

    37. Wednesday 5th August 2015 to 06:30 PM to Friday 4th September 2015
      Lucia Rossi's Echo Chamber

      “To overcome, we need audacity, yet more audacity, and always audacity.” Georges Jacques Danton The French Revolution of 1789-1794 sprung from the Age of Enlightenment and a...

    38. Saturday 1st August 2015 to Monday 31st August 2015
      Blind Date with a Book

      French literature

    39. Saturday 18th July 2015 to 11:00 AM
      Bastille Day Celebration in Canberra

      Come to the Alliance Française and celebrate the French national day! Get a glass of champagne on arrival and enjoy homemade French food. Play and win prizes with the trivia night...

    40. Friday 17th July 2015 to 06:00 PM to Sunday 19th July 2015
      Bastille Day French Festival 2015

      With a growing French community, the most liveable city in the world now has the opportunity to showcase its French influence and the presence of French people who contribute to...

    41. Tuesday 14th July 2015 to 06:30 PM
      Bastille Day in Perth

    42. Tuesday 14th July 2015
      Bastille Day Celebration

      LET’S CELEBRATE BASTILLE DAY, THE FRENCH NATIONAL DAY! Bastille Day is the name given in English speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on 14 July...

    43. Wednesday 1st July 2015 to 06:00 PM
      From darkness to light: Conference with Architect Tim Williams

      On the 26th of April this year, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, announced that there would be an opening, on Anzac Day 2018, of an Interpretation Centre on the site...

    44. Monday 29th June 2015 to Saturday 25th July 2015
      Iconic city views - Mark Hanham exhibition

      Mark Hanham, the contemporary artist, was attracted to art at an early age and had an exceptional talent in capturing perspective. Born and bred in Paddington, Hanham was...

    45. Sunday 21st June 2015 to 11:00 AM
      Music Festival

      Come and enjoy a day of live music!The Alliance Française de Perth in collaboration with Novotel and La Maison de France, is organising La Fête de la Musique 2015. Don't miss...

    46. Sunday 21st June 2015 to 11:00 AM
      World Music Day in Perth

      The Alliance française in Perth will celebrate World Music Day on 21 June with a free music festival Practical details Free entry From 11am to 6pm at the Novotel Perth Langley

    47. Saturday 20th June 2015 to 07:00 PM
      One Dance in Paris


    48. Thursday 18th June 2015 to 05:55 PM to Friday 19th June 2015
      Fête de la Musique 2015

      Once again, the Alliance Française de Melbourne is proud to bring the Fête de la Musique to Melbourne! This celebration of music is successfully held across 5 continents and 120...

    49. Wednesday 17th June 2015
      Ready to roll: European film event calls for climate action

      The European Union and its Member States will put on a simultaneous "climate" event in seven major cities throughout Australia. These events are part of the "European Climate...

    50. Monday 15th June 2015 to 07:00 PM to Thursday 2nd July 2015
      We play on Earth

      Photographs exhibition

    51. Friday 12th June 2015 to 06:30 PM
      In conversation about the French Perspective on Australian History

      Australian History

    52. Friday 12th June 2015 to 12:30 PM
      In conversation about the Black Diggers

      Australian History

    53. Tuesday 9th June 2015 to 09:30 AM
      Fonds Pacifique Water Governance Project: Participatory methods training...

      A one-day methods training workshop will be held in ANU Centre for European Studies on the 9th of June 2015, from 9:30am to 5pm. The workshop will introduce a range of...

    54. Friday 5th June 2015 to 11:00 AM
      Riding the Tiger: Using Degeneracy to Tame Wild Radical Processes

      Over the years, we have shown that xanthates and related thiocarbonylthio derivatives allow the generation of radicals under conditions where the radicals possess a...

    55. Thursday 4th June 2015 to 04:00 PM
      A Quest for New Reactions: Some Peregrinations of a Curious Chemist

      The research group is mostly concerned with the discovery and development of new reactions and processes that could be useful in organic synthesis. As is usually the case in...

    56. Tuesday 2nd June 2015 to 04:00 PM
      Fun with Radicals: A Matter of Lifetime

      Radical reactions offer many of the properties desired by synthetic organic chemists, in terms of variety, mildness of conditions, and a selectivity that is often...

    57. Friday 29th May 2015 to 06:30 PM to Friday 31st July 2015
      Exhibition Mai '68

      Starting May 29th, the Alliance Française in Brisbane invites you to attend the opening of a unique exhibition about the infamous Mai '68 Riots in France. The collection includes...

    58. Monday 25th May 2015 to 05:30 PM
      Competing Voices: The status of Indigenous languages in the French Pacific and...

      Indigenous languages

    59. Thursday 21st May 2015 to 08:15 PM
      Café région: Normandy

      Share an exquisite dinner while exploring the culture and traditions of Normandie Menu: Timbale de crevettes et St Jacques sauce Normande Poitrine de porc braisée aux pommes...

    60. Friday 15th May 2015 to 06:00 PM to Friday 5th June 2015
      Mademoiselle Exhibition


    61. Thursday 14th May 2015 to 06:00 PM


    62. Tuesday 12th May 2015 to Thursday 14th May 2015
      French language theater workshops

      French language theater workshops led by Philippe Guinet, from the association "Les passeurs de mots" The association "Les Passeurs de Mots" around the world: Workshop for...

    63. Friday 8th May 2015 to 09:00 PM to Sunday 10th May 2015 to 11:00 PM
      Baby et Lulu at SEGUE 2015


    64. Thursday 7th May 2015 to 06:00 PM
      Terra Australis: In conversation with LF Bollée, Philippe Nicloux, Dr Sandy...

      Join us for this special event presented by the Embassy of France in Australia, the Alliance Française of Sydney, Sydney Accueil and the State Library of NSW. LF Bollée and...

    65. Tuesday 5th May 2015 to Saturday 9th May 2015
      Is three really a crowd?


    66. Thursday 30th April 2015 to 05:00 PM to Saturday 30th May 2015 to 02:15 PM
      Souls of Paris

      From 30 April to 30 May, the Alliance Française in Sydney will host the "Souls of Paris" exhibition. “My father always told me not to speak to strangers. I never listened.” ...

    67. Friday 24th April 2015 to Friday 27th November 2015
      14-18 Allies forever


    68. Wednesday 8th April 2015 to 06:30 PM to Friday 8th May 2015
      Exhibition "We are an island"


    69. Tuesday 31st March 2015 to Saturday 4th April 2015
      The King amuses himself

      When the party is in full swing at the Louvre, and that François 1er indulges in the pleasures of his favourite sport, libertinism, and the court learns the unbelievable: Triboulet...

    70. Saturday 28th March 2015 to 10:00 AM

      A great day at the Alliance française in Canberra, the Open Day will host Francophone food from the Embassies and High Commissions of "La Francophonie". There will be various...

    71. Friday 20th March 2015 to 03:30 PM
      Telopea Park School World Water Day 2015

      On Friday 20 March 2015, Telopea Park School will be organising exciting events to celebrate World Water Day 2015! 2015 is a big year for water, with two major international...

    72. Tuesday 3rd March 2015 to Tuesday 21st April 2015
      The 2015 Alliance Française French Film Festival


    73. Sunday 1st February 2015 to Friday 15th May 2015
      International Photography Competition 2015

      International Photography Competition 2015: “Climate: state of emergency” The Fondation Alliance Française in Paris is launching a new photography competition on the theme:...