Tattoos and other physical transformations, from piercing to plastic surgery, have become almost commonplace in the Western world. Outside of Europe, however, tattoo rituals and scarifications have been century-long practices in many human societies. The exhibition “Adorned body, transformed body”, created by the International Perfume Museum of Grasse, offers a look into the diverse forms of body transformations and “make-up” undertaken from Europe to Oceania, as well as Asia, Africa and South America.

A part of the exhibition will be dedicated to tattoos and their unique meaning in Cambodia, as well as the work of the two Cambodian photographs Khun Vannak and Sun Vanndy. Khun Vannak uses his body as a canvas for his work, while Sun Vanndy did a series of photography on the traditional Bassac make-up within contemporary settings all around Phnom Penh.

 On the opening night, a tattoo booth will be available and you will be able to get temporary tattoos!