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Association des Anciens du Lycée Guébré-Mariam

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Addis Abeba
Addis Abeba - Ethiopie


Teferi Amakeletch


The Association of Former students from the Lycée Guébré-Mariam (AALGM) aims: to gather all the former students of the lycée, since its inauguration in 1947 to nowadays, maintain the memory of the years of studies and friendship within the establishment and to develop a link between former students and new generations as well as with former teachers, members of the administration and members of staff, of the Lycée.

To reach its goals, the Association will:

- regularly organize a friendly meeting in or outside the Lycée;

- develop communication means giving access to the Association's activities and to make exchanges between former students and all the generations easier;

- create a network that will allow actual students to be in touch with former students and to ask them advice;

- do its best to support the Jobs forum organized by the Lycée;

-try to assist students looking for a scholarship to study abroad, in their administrative tasks to obtain a visa or other procedures and help them to have all the elements allowing them to comprehend the conditions of studying abroad (outside of Ethiopia) in a better way, by making them in touch with former students of the Lycée;

- try - after request of the Lycée's administration - to find among its members some volunteers to do some tutelage for students with difficulties or volunteering work such as interventions of former students in front of little groups of actual students;

- create a phone directory of former students, in electronic and printed formats;

- organize every 5 years a celebration for the anniversary of creation of the Lycée;

- work in close cooperation with the Embassy of France in Ethiopia and the International Organization of la Francophonie, for the development of French language.