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Feljas et Masson Ethiopie

Contact data

Bole Kefle Ketema
Woreda 03/05 - House N°281
P.O. BOX 13254
Addis Abeba - Ethiopie


Sanitation / Water supply / Waste processing


In1974, FELJAS & MASSON signs its first Ethiopian contract and creates a branch in Addis Ababa. The station built by that time is an evidence of the excellence of FELJAS & MASSON ETHIOPIA: the station was perfectly working when she was demolished to build the tram line. Its equipments, re-settled in a new pump house, are still working.

Main branch of the company, FELJAS & MASSON ETHIOPIA counts about twenty employees today. With its own engineering consultancy, its intern logistic department and its trustworthy local partners, FELJAS & MASSON ETHIOPIA participates in the biggest work sites in the water sector in Ethiopia: drilling and treatment stations for the water supply of the capital Addis Abeba, but also irrigation for sugar canes, as well as the production and transport of drinking water for several regional town such as Jimma, Mettu, Gondar...



Staff: 20 collaborators.



The water supply of Addis Ababa:
- Expansion of the treatment station of GAFARSA;
- Expansion of the treatment station of LEGEDAD;
- Realization about 50 drillings.
Treatment station of JIMMA.
Realization of the irrigation station of FINCHAA.