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French-Kuwaiti Friendship Historic

France-Kuwait relation in a few dates

1902: The newspaper Le Monde publishes a report on Kuwait and the first pictures of the country in the French press

August 28th 1961: France recognizes Kuwait, two months after its independence

May 17th 1964: First French Ambassador in Kuwait, HE Pierre-Louis Falaize, living in Lebanon

May 10th 1965: HE Khalid Mohamed Jafar is the first Kuwaiti Ambassador in Paris, opening of the embassy in 1967

1965: Translation of the new Kuwaiti constitution by the French documentation

January 19th 1968: Hearing of de Gaulle General to the Sheikh Saad Abdullah Al-Salem

1968: Opening of a French school in Kuwait and the Voltaire Institute

1969: Bilateral agreements for a cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

March 1st 1983: Archeological cooperation agreement

1989: The Arab World Institute welcomes Kuwait exhibition in Paris, in partnership with Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah

September 23rd 1990: France takes part on the international coalition to freed Kuwait, “Daguet Operation” (15000 soldiers on February 24th 1991)

August 18th 1992: Military cooperation agreement between France and Kuwait, which ensure Kuwait the defense of France in any case of aggression

1992: Exhibition at the Arab World Institute: Islamic and patronage art; art tresor of Kuwait

July 9th 1997: First technic assistance cooperation between Total and the Kuwait Oil Company

2005: Exhibition of Failaka Island and the Kuwaiti archeology is exposed at Lyon’s Beaux-arts museum

2006: Exhibition at the Arab World Institute, free exhibition, women of Kuwait

December 2006: Sheikh Sabah AlSabah visits France under the presidency of J.Chirac, medical cooperation agreement

2007: Universitary cooperation agreement between Science Po Paris and the Kuwait Foundation for the science’s progress (KFAS), for further exchange of researchers, teachers and around the research on social sciences in the Gulfe.

 2009: Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, visits Kuwait, defense and strategique agreement.

2010: The Kuwaiti Prime Minister, Sheikh Nasser Mohamed Ahmed AlJober Al Sabah, in France

2011: Mrs Alliot Marie (MFA) in Kuwait for the triple anniversary of the independence, liberation and the assumption in power of Emir Sabah

October 24th 2011: Agreement on the formation of Kuwaiti officials between the French National Administration School and the Civil Service Commission

November 2011: Kuwait-France co-presidency of the Future and Deauville Partnership Forum

January 1st 2012: Creation of the French Institute in Kuwait

2012: Gold age of the arabic sciences, exhibition in Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah, by the Arab World Institute, in partnership with Total

May 31st 2012: Medical cooperation agreement

2013: Sulayman Al Bassam, Kuwaiti playwright, produces his theater play in “Vieux Colombier” theater, with the French comedy

2014: Marzouk Al Ghanem, president of the Kuwait Parliament, visits France