Rising trend confirmed in Spring

Great news for the attractiveness of France: the number of nights spent in collective and tourism accommodation (hotels, campsites, tourism residence, holiday resort, etc.) spiked by 10.2% in the second quarter of 2017 compared with the second quarter of 2016, according to the Insee at the end of summer. This is an even sharper rise than for previous quarters that largely makes up for the shrinking registered in 2016 after the Paris and Nice attacks.

Foreign tourist massively came back

The good health of tourism is marked by the return of foreign tourists in France, and mostly the Japanese tourists. But tourism was also boosted by a nice weather and accommodating academic schedule, which backed French tourism. Paris and its region benefitted from the trend with a 12.6% rise in hotels and 27.6% rise in other tourism accommodations over one year; according to the Insee, over the same period campsite attendance reached an "all-time record"  with a 18.7% rise of attendance over one year.

Trying to reach 100 million foreign tourists in 2020

Thanks to this rise, France could welcome 88 to 89 million foreign tourists in 2017 (a 5 to 6% rise overall over one year), according to Minister for foreign affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, also in charge of tourism This could easily confirm France as number one destination for tourism worldwide. The announced objective of the government is to welcome 100 million foreign tourists in 2020, which would generate 50 billion Euros in tourism turnover over one year and create 300,000 jobs in the process.