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Meet our Student Yu Yue and learn more about her experience at HEC

14 December 2020 Community
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Yu Yue was in exchange programme at HEC. She shares with us her experience and the things she learnt during her stay in France!

Yu Yue was in exchange programme at HEC. She shares with us her experience and the things she learnt during her stay in France!


"Hec earth week DIY workshop: we made our own shampoo, lip balm and toothpaste, using recycled glass bottles to protect the environment.



Hec sports club (judo, ballet, box, salsa and tango): sports clubs are the highlight of hec life on campus with fun and friends. I joined five sports clubs, judo, ballet, box, salsa and tango. Dance is what I enjoy, but I am a complete beginner for judo and box. Hec sports club taught me one thing- it is great to suck at something. When I joined judo and box with no experience, feeling confused about what to do. Yet, I was never disappointed. There is always someone who will come to me and help. By the end of the training, we became good friends. This experience, in turn, encourages me to explore further the things that I am bad at or afraid.


Hec confinement: It is probably the best confinement experience during a global pandemic. Sweet farmers in Jouy came to send fruits on campus, trying to make students feel cared away from home; Neighbors cook for each other and pass around disinfectants; With the confinement policy limits, the school's creativity was unlimited in taking care of the students. Balcony fitness training, band performance and staff coming back school during Easter holiday to surprise students with chocolate eggs at the door. All these little moments form the sweetest and most unique memory of France. The worst time brings out the truest side of countries, schools and individuals. France and Hec had shown me the best side of care, humanity and altruism. Strongest friendships are formed during the toughest time as well.



French learning: counterintuitively, confinement became the best time of learning language. I posted in HEC group, asking for language buddy to practice French with. And I received overwhelming responses. One of them even introduced her mom to me for additional practice. In the end, confinement became my most intensive language practicing time.


Hec party culture: Hec has very strong party culture. Located in the countryside, students try to maximize the fun on campus by social activities.


Hec & la ferme de viltain: ferme de villain is the heartiest part of living on a campus far from central Paris. It is a precious experience that one can never have in Singapore. Just a few steps from Hec, I have been thrilled to go to ferme de viltain and see the cows every day. Aside from the excitement of playing with animals on the farm, the peace of nature is equally attractive. Picking up the summer strawberries fresh with dewdrops; Watching the sunset on the grass; Breathing the mixed air of the rain and leaves after raining. The intimacy of nature, animal and nature is the unique vibe of Hec, a campus beautifully resting aside the farm in the countryside."




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