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Why France?
There are two main reasons why France is the best choice for my higher education. Firstly, France has the excellence course in Engineering field such as Chemical engineering, Aeronautical engineering, and Transport management (my major). Moreover, There are many kinds of educational facility to support the international student especially the professional training courses to prepare the student before going to an internship in the last year of degree. Secondly, France is one of the most unique countries in the European continent particularly with traditional culture. In addition, it’s a good opportunity for me to learn more in prestigious culture and wonderful language in this country.

What has France given me?
According to my student life, I gained a lot of experience both from school and outside school. I had a great opportunity to study in the excellence master degree of engineer and participate in the varieties of professional activity during in the class, such as, joining in the International Conference of Logistic in Paris, learning from the workshop of the Warehouse of Decathelon, and participating with the guest speaker class from the manufacturing. It was very interesting and made a great experience for me. Moreover, I had a great chance to learn more cultures from the foreign friends like China, India, European country, Africa, and Latin America. They were very nice and friendly during in the class. We had many opportunities to do the activities together such as, International Cultural day, and Seminar group in our class.

Secondly outside school (with the French’s society), I had a great chance to learn more traditional French culture from the French people. I joined with the French’s host family for learning the French culture and lifestyle. Moreover, the school provided the French course to the foreign student to study French language. We had a great opportunity to study French from the museum, the local market, and French people. It was very useful for new coming students. Finally, we got a great friendship among the foreign friends as well.