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The EM Normandie Student Federation: Representant of International and Expatriation on the Oxford Campus

27 March 2024 Community
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As an active member of EM Normandie's associative life and a strong supporter of the values of internationalism and expatriation, the EM Normandie Student Federation has witnessed the crucial importance of promoting these values and the development of the student network through associative actions and in collaboration with the Alumni. It is in this spirit that we are highlighting the Oxford campus, a jewel in the heart of the constant evolution of our association.

The campus is much more than a place of study; it is a focal point for the various initiatives undertaken by our association. Events, projects and exchanges are fuelled by its international dimension, strengthening links within our student community and opening up new prospects for the future. Internationalisation is at the heart of our identity as an association. The Oxford campus embodies this openness to the world, offering students access to academic excellence in a city steeped in history. Studying at Oxford broadens your horizons, allows you to embrace cultural diversity and is part of a worldwide network of exchanges and sharing.

Immersing yourself in such a prestigious environment is a springboard to new experiences. It enables students to assert themselves by developing their ability to evolve in a variety of contexts. It prepares them for a future professional career. These experiences transform students into citizens of the world, able to navigate with ease in an ever-changing international context.

The Students' Federation is looking for new partners on the Oxford campus. The Oxford campus embodies EM Normandie's commitment to excellence and innovation, values that attract recruiters and make students sought-after candidates on the job market. The associative approach is a new, simple and effective way for companies to recruit their future interns, work-study students and managers of tomorrow. The Oxford campus and the Students' Federation showcase students involved in ambitious projects, both locally and internationally. By working hand in hand with Alumni, we aim to build bridges between the academic and professional worlds. Alumni are the schools' greatest ambassadors and open doors for our students on the national and international job markets.


Vice-President in charge of Strategic Development


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