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A world in Paris, Charles Hurt

Why did you decide to study abroad in France?

I chose to study in France because I have always been fascinated by the French language, music, culture, and more. For example, France’s rich history, renowned artists, demographics, and diversity have always interested me.

How has your experience in France contributed to your personal and professional goals?

Thanks to my time in France, I was able to discover myself, to grow, and to better my French. My experience in France really pushed me to enter a field in which I can put my dual passion for foreign languages and human rights to the test. After having undergone a rigorous semester at Sciences Po in Paris, I became even more sure of myself and my decision to continue working for immigrant and refugee communities that need legal and linguistic aid.

Can you tell us a little anecdote or memory that happened during your stay in France?

In terms of anecdotes or meetings that I remember well, I came across many people in France that came from immigrant families. It was most notably Moroccan, Algerian, and Chinese communities with which I would like to work in my career. Each of these meetings involved an immigrant who told me about their life story upon discovering that I wasn’t French, and that French was not even my native language. In each of these situations, there was immediately a connection between me and the other person. Seeing that I also speak a bit of Mandarin and a bit of Darija (Moroccan Arabic), the warm welcome and kindness that I felt from those who came from immigrant families in France is always something that makes me smile when I think back on it. The multiculturalism, the multilingualism, and the diversity in French cities are truly remarkable.

In one sentence, for you, study in France means…

For me, studying in France means to have the opportunity to see a true French lifestyle from a different perspective, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and to really live amongst a society that is resilient, powerful, and proud of their activism, language, and culture.

Charles Hurt, student at Sciences Po Paris in 2016