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"La Bohème", by Samantha

Why did you decide to study abroad in France?

From the moment I decided to major in French, I knew I would spend at least a semester studying in France. The chance to immerse myself in French language and culture for six straight months seemed vital to my progress. The idea of learning about the literature, art and history of this country in its own language was an important opportunity for growth which I couldn’t pass up.

How has your experience in France contributed to your personal and professional goals?

Studying abroad in Paris and Vichy allowed me to perfect both my French language skills and my understanding of the culture while meeting other Francophiles interested in living and working in France after graduation. I was able to familiarize myself with school, work, society and daily life in Paris and have since settled in the city, a move whose catalyst I believe to be my semester here a few years ago.

Can you tell us a little anecdote or memory that happened during your stay in France?

My semester at the Sorbonne coming to a close, it was time for a unique moment for any American: oral exams. Having always taken written tests, I was more stressed than usual for my literature final in which I would randomly choose one of the texts we had studied to present to a small jury. As I turned over the paper my eyes darted to the title and I felt a combination of relief and excitement; I would analyze Rimbaud’s "Ma Bohème", by far the piece I appreciated and understood most that semester.

In one sentence, for you, study in France means…

The ability to discover daily life in France and to broaden one’s knowledge of the country’s rich culture and language.