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28 Enero 2021

Marwan, water resource management engineer

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The new Bienvenue en France communication campaign gives voice to those who have chosen France for their higher education. Each portrait traces the student's journey from his or her country to France, within their establishment and until the completion of their professional goals. Twenty alumni volunteered to carry a simple message: "I chose to study in France, what about you?".


Coming from a region where water management is a central issue in the daily life of locals, this Jordanian full of energy and optimism, has come to benefit from French expertise in this domain. After a mission within the Suez company, where he specialized in resource management and in surveying data related to water, Marwan is now continuing his adventure by concentrating on learning the French language.

His favorite city?

His favorite music?

His weekend activities?





Our Alumni speak : Marwan’s story


Discover Marwan’s story : He chose to study in France and became water resource management engineer




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