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"chants d'oiseaux" for the Ultima Festival

Groupe "Norvège"


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Internationally acclamed Pierre-Laurent Aimard will be in Oslo to perform Oliver Messiaen's "Catalogue d'oiseaux" in three location throughtout the city on September the 15th as part as of the Ultima contemporary music Festival.

Globally recognized as a key artist of contemporary music, as well as a virtuoso pianist, Pierre-Laurent Aimard leads an international career. A musical visionary and pioneering artist, he received the prestigious Ernst von Siemens International Prize in 2017, in recognition of a career devoted to music.


"Catalogue d'Oiseaux" - 15 septembre

Part 1 - 6h30 at the Opera (followed by a light breakfast and a talk with Pierre-Laurent Aimard)

Part 2 - 14h at Ekebergparken (followed by a discussion on Messiaen and "chants d'oiseaux"  with Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Rob Young)

Part 3 - 21h at Sentralen

More informations on: https://ultima.no/events/150919_aimard-1


Ultima 2019: "Traditions under pressure"

Ultima celebrates the diversity of contemporary music in the heart of Oslo, the Scandinavian capital of music. The festival combines past and future, nostalgia and progress, folklore and science fiction, which meet in a spectacular world of sounds, dances and contemporary art.

More informations on:  https://ultima.no/

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