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Lyon is in the spotlight at Bærum this fall!

Groupe "Norvège"

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From September 19th to December 7th, Bærum Kulturhus offers the "Møt Lyon" course. Music, circus, dance, youth theater, tastings, readings... A rich and diverse program, which opens on September 19th with a concert by the Louis Sclavis quarter. Discounted rates are available on the entire program with the French Institute.

The program "Møt Lyon" in Bærum Kulturhus offers the opportunity to discover the artistic creation of Lyon and its region in the coming months.


Louis Sclavis Quartet (jazz)
September 19th - 19:30
Reading of Zone, Guillaume Appolinaire by the Rykte company 
September 19th - 18:00
September 20th - 19:00
September 21st - 14:00, 18:00
Hot Club de Lyon (jazz)
September 21st - 19:30
"Smack av Rhône" (wine tasting)
October 10th - 19:30
"Pixel", Mourad Merzouki (dance)
October18th - 19:00
October 19th - 18:00
"Rulle", Théâtre du Mouvement (youth theatre)
November 1st - 12:00
November 2nd - 14:00
"L'après-midi d'un foehn", compagnie Non Nova (youth theatre)
November 8th - 11:00
November 9th - 11:00
"Smack av Lyon" (tasting)
November 14th - 19:30
"Minuit", Yoann Bourgeois (circus)
November 22nd - 19:00
November 23rd - 19:00
Reading of "Le Petit Prince" by Sigve Bøe
December 7th - 14:00

For more informations on the program: https://issuu.com/baerumkulturhus/docs/m_t_lyon_endelig_versjon

Buy your tickets with a 30% discount via this link: https://tix.no/nb/baerum/buyingflow/subscription/61/

Du Jeudi 19 septembre 2019
au Samedi 7 décembre 2019
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