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Special Process and SQA Engineer
Safran China
Emploi, Suzhou (Chine )
Publiée par Jiayin PAN le 19/04/2021, modifiée le 21/04/2021 Jiayin PAN
Débutant (-3 ans)
Production / Fabrication / Contruction
Aéronautique - Spatial - Matériels de transport
Chinois (mandarin)
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Description de la société

General information of Safran Group:
Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors) defense and space markets. Safran has a global presence, with more than 79,000 employees and sales of 16.49 billion euros in 2020. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets. Safran undertakes research and development programs to meet fast-changing market requirements, with total R&D expenditures of around 1.21 billion euros in 2020.

Safran in China:
Safran China has more than a century of relations with China and 40 years local presence. Now Safran has more than 2000 employees and 20 entities in China. The major current aircraft and helicopter programs in China are C919, ARJ21, MA 700, AC 311A, AC 312, AC 352.

Description du poste

- Assist and provide support to SAFRAN Corporate Purchasing and SAFRAN affiliates Quality, Industrial & Supply Chain demands toward suppliers and/or industrial partners in China and ASEAN region covering the following:
- New Program Introduction (NPI): Develop a part / program industrialization plan, including timing, in accordance with affiliate needs and with the agreement of the supplier. Ensure the supplier follows this planning (including main milestones and toll gate reviews as appropriate) for the specific part / program. Define with the supplier the Industrial Flow Chart of the new products. Identify and mitigate potential supply chain risks, which could delay the NPI phase. Support supplier completion of the Industrial Validation requirements on time. Monitor the NPI cost of the products and if required, participate in improvement action plans needed to reach the initially defined serial production cost. Continuously evaluate the opportunities and challenge in terms of preparation for production ramp up and lead rate readiness reviews as required.
- Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA): Provide support and training to Asia suppliers to understand SAFRAN quality requirements with a particular focus on Process FMEA and Industrial Validation Process (PVI) requirements. Ensure that suppliers comply with SAFRAN / Zodiac Aerospace quality requirements. Review and evaluate DVIs and verify the reliability of the supplier's processes and control plans. Identify quality risks and supporting actions directed at mitigating these risks. Support root cause analysis and monitor the implementation of corrective and preventive actions using 8D analysis as needed. Verify the efficiency of the actions implemented. Monitor Quality Performance, participate to Performance Reviews with key suppliers, determine quality objectives specific to the supplier and contribute to the achievement of these objectives. During certification tests campaigns of key components, participate to test witnessing activities at test labs and generate a report on the compliance of the test setup.
- Special Process (SP): Monitor the qualification of the special process at Asia suppliers. Qualify and requalify the special process, pilot the qualification associated activities, preevaluation, audit arrangement, qualification finalization. Monitor the supplier process performance, pilot process non-conformance investigation. Provide support and training to Asia suppliers to understand SAFRAN technical requirements.

1. Engineering:
- Sourcing / Purchasing process:
- Support quotation activities during supplier selection process preparing technical data package
- Support quotation activities during supplier selection process answering to technical questions provided by suppliers
- Industrialization:
- Be focal point at the Supplier and SAFRAN level for all parts in industrialization to share and facilitate information and communication or solve technical situation problem
- Pilot primary parts package implementation on technical point of view
- Drive project until ramp up achievement in supplier side following Safran project management procedure
- Mass Production (Supporting SPM activities): - Support for unexpected technical event and associated root cause analysis
- Support Design change Request and implementation

2. Quality:
- Manage and secure Supplier Quality performance (PPM&NCR)
- Support product/process audit request
- Support concession eradication plan and corrective action plan
- DVI / FAI review and approval (under delegation of the Safran affiliates)
- Conduct initial and periodic Quality system audit
- New supply source quality system assessment

3. Special Process
- Perform Special Process audit in supplier Side
- Follow up Special Process Performance of the Asia supply chain
- Provide support and training to Asia suppliers to understand SAFRAN technical requirements.

4. Regular meetings:
- Daily QRQC project
- Industrialization meetings
- Coordination meeting with Engineering / Quality team

Profil recherché

- Bachelor degree (or above) in Material / mechanical engineering
- Quality or process relevant work experience
- Special process expertise (NDT and/or Surface Treatment and/or heat treatment and/or others specialities)
- Knowledge of quality system requirement and experience on NADCAP audit is a plus - Knowledge and experience of project management
- Competency of problem-solving and continuous improvement tools and techniques, including management and planning tools
- Good and logical thinking and work flow setup, good at communication skill
- Quick learning capability and good teamwork, good innovation spirit and practical ability
- Oral and written communication skills with English, good computer skill

Safran China  

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