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Data Software Engineer - Chengdu
Emploi, Chengdu (Chine )
Publiée le 11/05/2022, modifiée le 14/06/2022
Débutant (-3 ans)
Conseil / Stratégie
Audit - Conseils
Chinois (mandarin)
Description de la société

Artefact is the next generation end-to-end data service company, with a focus on consulting and marketing, that helps organisations transform data into value and business impact.

Our broad range of data-driven solutions in data consulting and digital marketing are designed to meet our clients' specific needs, always conceived with a business-centric approach and delivered with tangible results.

We have 900+ employees across 18 offices who are focused on accelerating digital transformation. Thanks to a unique mix of company assets: State of the art data technologies, lean AI agile methodologies for fast delivery, and cohesive teams of the finest business consultants, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and digital experts, all dedicated to bringing extra value to every client.

Description du poste

The team

The title of "Data Engineer" or "Software Engineer" does not describe everything our amazing women and men can do: data engineering, operation management, security, cloud architecture, MLOps, and more.

You will work with the team to identify your clients' needs and define innovative solutions that you will own from start to end.

You will be involved in projects from inception to implementation, while optimising for performance and scalability.

You will also coach others, keep abreast of industry news and get involved in training sessions with our business partners and suppliers, such as Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS. You share your knowledge, learnings and success, honing your communication and persuasion skills.

You can see some of our Data Engineering and Data Science projects on the following Medium blog: We also believe in open-source, and our open-source efforts can be seen on this Github page:

About The Role

Key Areas of Responsibility

● Deliver missions well to the client.
● Ensure that your solutions bring value to the client.
● Care for the happiness of the team, ensuring work is delivered to a high standard and providing feedback and mentoring.
● Demonstrate the skills and credibility required to ensure the success of our clients' initiatives.
● Research and develop new technical approaches to address problems efficiently.

Profil recherché

Competences & Skills

● Bachelor Degree or above in Computer Science, Statistics, Software Engineering, or related field.
● Hands-on experience in developing and applying data-driven solutions with the right technical architecture.
● Intellectual curiosity and excellent problem-solving skills, including the ability to structure and prioritise an approach for maximum impact.
● Experience in designing and building batch and streaming data pipelines.
● Experience with Python, Linux, SQL, Scala or other popular programming languages
● Experience with Big Data technologies such as Spark, DBT, Clickhouse, and others.
● Experience with deployment technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform.
● Experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS.
● Experience with AI and machine learning model building and AI product deployment.
● Experience with Java web development (e.g. Java Spring framework) and frontend development is a plus.

The Roof, Building D, 2nd Floor, No. 458 Madang Road, Huangpu Shanghai
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