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Brand Manager
Qualification Development Bank
Emploi, Cairo (Égypte)
Publiée le 11/04/2022, modifiée le 27/04/2022
Expérimenté (3-10 ans)
Marketing / Webmarketing
Description de la société

We are a non-profit organization working in the field of Vocational Education & Training. Established by a group of distinguished businessmen, the initiative saw the light at early 2013 with the aim of lifting up the level of Egyptian vocational labor.
Who we are? International Partnership

We are the 1st Egyptian Accreditation body serving the
vocational sector, introducing a new qualified and
internationally accredited labor breed.
A thought-leader, playing a vital role in reforming the
vocational education and training sector; leading to
revolutionize its quality & perception on both domestic
and international levels.
To be the destination known for quality vocational
1. We grant Accreditation to vocational institutions
(Schools and Training Centers) while supporting their
optimization process and overall structure and management
2. We develop customized technical and behavioral
Qualifications, manage the assessment process, and
grant international certificates.
3. We conduct Assessment Centers to filter and
acknowledge non-degree skills and competencies and
grant international certificates accordingly.
4. We provide Consultation to educational & industrial
institutions to design and build their own training
centers and internal academies.
5. We provide internationally accredited TOT programs
covering technical, teaching, and behavioral competencies.
6. We enable our alumni by providing them with Career
Guidance services and facilitating their employment
through our strategic alliances with employers.
Being the sole authorized representative of
City & Guilds in Egypt since 2013 and one of a
total of only seven representatives around
the world has empowered and supported
Qualifications Development Bank's vision and passion to build
the Egyptian workforce. We benefit from City & Guilds' partnership
by being able to grant certifications that are recognized
We are primarily focused on the development and success of
our learners through boosting their technical and behavioral
competencies to measure up to market needs. By providing a
comprehensive structured learning journey and hands-on
experience, as well as being closely engaged throughout their
learning process and beyond, learners are effectively guided
towards their chosen career path and decent job opportunities
through their earned international certificate.
Vocational Institutions:
Through our accreditation process, we work on elevating
training centers, vocational schools, and internal accademies
by accrediting their training programs, ensuring their
readiness in terms of facilities against international standards,
developing programs, qualifications, curriculums, assessment
models, etc.
Business Community:
We are the first Egyptian provider for quality-based total
solutions in the vocational sector. We work collaboratively with
our partners from different industries on building their capacity,
capitalizing on their workforce efficiency and productivity,
conducting assessments to evaluate their performance, and
promoting the continual development of their facilities
through our consultation services to ultimately deliver the
aims of prosperity and being on par with international Standards

Description du poste

 Manage planning and implementation of all marketing activities (PR, digital media, branding, public relations, partnerships, etc.) to achieve the organization's marketing objectives, hence, secure uniqueness of QDB image among the sector and public and embed it among stakeholders.
Marketing and communication planning;
 Plan the segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) exercise meant to build QDB brand awareness and image to different types of stakeholders, in coordination with the Business Development team.
 Set the annual communication plan and budget needed to meet the identified objectives.
 Define the annual marketing objectives in light of the STP exercise, and set the relevant KPIs for result monitoring and evaluation.
 Plan the quantitative and qualitative customer researches addressing current and potential customers (either by in-house or outsourced resources)
 Ensure that QDB is registered and well connected with the platforms related to vocational education reports and events
 Keep abreast with the competition updates to ensure awareness and improvement of QDB competitive position.
 Review and finalize periodical reports to share with the management & other departments of research insights and news and provide recommendations accordingly.
Branding and social media;
 Manage the activities of building the brand identity and guidelines in alignment with the overall strategy of the organization by setting an action plan and working closely with creative branding agencies.
 Establish a strong network with suppliers to ensure efficiency and building a proper & relevant brand image
 Ensure that all internal and external communication material reflect the brand identify defined for the organization.
 Approve all final promotional marketing materials, from website banners to hard copy brochures and case studies as per the branding strategy.
 Optimize website experience by ensuring its content remains current, engaging, and amplifies the value and impact of organization's core cause in coordination with relevant department.
 Oversee all marketing activities with the team and through alignment with digital marketing agencies and vendors to ensure optimum implementation of communication strategy, and manage marketing activities and administration of campaigns.
 Set guidelines for a strong network building within the business community and key industry players enhancing and strengthening the organization presence and build trust in QDB and its' mission in the development sector and ensure to maintain it through the team.
 Manage & monitor performance of different marketing suppliers against identified KPIs, and take corrective actions when needed.
 Evaluate the impact of marketing programs in achieving their stated objectives, including impact on lead flow, LTV and retention.
Corporate Responsibilities:
 Deliver the assigned strategic initiatives as per the identified project requirements, and supervise team to ensure proper delivery of their assigned initiatives.

Qualification Development Bank  
44 Gamal Abdel Naser Axis
44 Gamal Abdel Naser Axis  
Cairo Cairo 

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