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14 août 2018

What Will Set You Apart in Today's Global Marketplace? A Postgrad Info Session by ESSEC Business School and LinkedIn

The pace of change is creating uncertainty and fear in our jobs. However, it presents something greater - OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity to learn, upskill and apply ourselves in new ways. To future-proof our careers, we need to expand our management expertise and close skills gaps. Hear from LinkedIn's ANZ Content Expert on why lifelong learning is more important than ever and what skills are in demand. 

Join us in this event hosted by ESSEC Business School, where you can also learn how to make the most of your postgrad studies to advance your career goals.





Speaker's Profile
Claire Austin is Australia's Content Marketing Specialist for LinkedIn. Claire has over 10 years of experience consulting on marketing strategies across Europe, Asia and Asutralia. She is truly passionate about helping brands discover new and powerful ways of engaging with their audiences through content, good content!


About ESSEC Business School
Founded in 1907 in France, ESSEC Business School is one of the world's top international business schools. Combining the best elements of top-ranked programs with significant global career exposure, our Master's programs include:

  • Global MBA
  • Master in Finance  
  • Master in Management
  • Advanced Master in Strategy & Management of International Business
  • Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics

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