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Andile Christian Dladla, 30 years, old, is a Theology student from Durban. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from St Joseph’s Theological Institute in Pietermaritzburg and a Canonical degree in Theology from St Cyprian Theological School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Andile is currently pursuing a Master’s degree (academic year 2017/18) in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Lyon.

Andile is particularly excited about the opportunity to tap into the cultural richness of France:  “My experience in Cameroon and coming into contact with the French language gave rise to my wish to pursue my studies in France. I have always admired French philosophers such as Simone de Beauvoir, and many others. It is of no secret that France has produced great philosophers throughout its history. This will be my first time in France and I am looking forward to it; I know it will be a fruitful experience.”

Andile is delighted to attend the Catholic University of Lyon, citing its rich history; he also looks forward to exploring the city of Lyon, which, he keenly points out, “is the cultural centre of Europe.”
He continues, “I look forward to my time in France, not only for my studies but also to benefit from the French culture and education system with the hope of giving back to my fellow South Africans here at home. I will also be able to deepen my French language skills that I have already learnt in Cameroon. As a religious, a student and a South African I am truly grateful to the French government for this amazing opportunity.”

Mattew Mayne


Matthew Mayne is a PhD student in Geology, specialising in Metamorphic Petrology, at Stellenbosch University. This month, he will be heading to l’Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne as part of a joint PhD program.

We recently caught up with Matthew to find out more about his upcoming research trip to Saint-Etienne. Matthew was first drawn to the opportunity to go to France when he was looking for funding opportunities to pursue his BSc Honours degree at Stellenbosch University. This led to his encounter with his South African supervisor (Prof. Gary Stevens), who presented him with a project in collaboration with his current co-supervisor Prof. Jean-François Moyen: the project would “merge [his] passion for mathematics and programming with a geological application,” Matthew enthuses, adding that it “proved to be an enormous success and followed on to my MSc and now my joint enrolment in a PhD program.” 

Matthew considers himself extremely lucky to have found a working group that is challenging but supportive and pushes me to my limits.”

While this dedicated young doctorate student is humbled by the opportunities awarded to him, he is no stranger to travelling abroad for his studies, having spent time in Southern Africa, the UK, France and other European countries to attend conferences, workshops, field trips and perform field work.

Matthew is particularly excited about the opportunity to work with his co-supervisor (Prof. Moyen) and attending the Goldschmidt 2017 conference in Paris.  He hopes to complete his PhD program successfully after which he would like to find a job as a researcher or begin a post-doctoral position.