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Commercial / Ventes
Shanghai / Chine / Shanghai
Equipements Sportifs

Description du poste

Wildlife watching is defined as a sport of observing the occurrence of living wild animal species in nature environment. People who practice wildlife watching have purpose of scientific research or recreational pleasure. Wildlife watching can be performed as being face-to-face contact with animals and photographing wild animals' behaviors.

Digital Communication Part
I implement my brand's communications strategy across all digital media
I observe and analyze the online behavior of my sport's users and customers and contribute to my brand's digital communication strategy
I formalize and communicate online actions within my brand and the e-commerce platform
1/ Wechat management
- I manage the supplier to update Solognac wechat every week with attractive content
- I create content for our target products and providing wildlife watching culture
- I create links with clubs and associations
2/ Weekly Newsletter
- I create weekly newsletter and send to retail team
3/ E-Commerce
- I manage customer reviews on
- I develop my brand's Omni-channel commerce with the site
- I construct and coordinate e-merchandising by sport with the site
- I manage the product range online, especially by putting forward a specific internet tree structure, interactive choice guides and promoting certain products, etc.
I am responsible for the distribution of the brand's product and editorial content.
I work with my brand's Dialogue Leader to ensure consistency between the corporate site and actions carried through on social media
1/ local communication planning
2/ photo shooting / content for local needs=> twice per year (AW and SS collection)

Commercial Part
- Plan & create commercial events in store & wild life watching sport experience with retail team
- Lead "Wildlife Watching Community" within decathlon platform
- Cooperate with external clubs or agency to establish the branding of Solognac
- Organize online events by wechat or other related platform to boost business

Description de la société

搜鹿客 – 专注出品经久耐用的专业野外运动装备,为野外观察探索自然的运动者时刻提供全方位的保护 。 无畏严寒酷暑,无畏狂风暴雨,无畏荆棘丛生,我们的产品始终与您一路同行。搜鹿客希望消费者通过野外观察,培养大众自然生态环境保护的意识,在观察运动中感受大自然的乐趣。

Description du profil

If you love nature and wild animals...You have good organization skills & communication skills. You have entrepreneur spirit to promote wildlife watching sport for our users.
- Have digital marketing experience >2 year
- Have practiced wildlife watching sport is preferred
- Good command of English/ French is a plus+
- Basic technical knowledge of Photoshop
- Ambitious on target and responsible for result
- Able to play different rules and lead projects
- Respect the commitment and do what I say
- Creative and open minded
- Passionate and vital
- Logical mindset and go in detail