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Balance For Better

Groupe "Danemark"

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To honor International Women's Day, the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce and TWICE (Total’s internal network for promoting diversity) are pleased to invite you to an exceptional conference with the theme: “Balance For Better” on Thursday, 7th of March. 
The conference will be held at Total’s headquarters in Copenhagen.

At the conference, you will have the opportunity to attend 2 round-table discussions gathering a panel of 6 outstanding speakers.

The first round-table discussion will address whether women and men manage differently. 

The speakers will be: 
- Karen Boesen (Chief Financial Officer at Total UK) 
- Helene Egebøl (CEO at Schneider Electric A/S) 
- Guillaume de Leobardy (General Director and Nordic Regional Director at ALD Automotive)

As this year's topic of the International Women’s day is “Balance for better”, the second round-table debate will address a gender balance issue, which is common in many organizations: how to create more gender balance both in male dominated positions (i.e. top management) and in female dominated professions (i.e. sustainability, HR)? 

3 speakers will give their point of view about these challenges: 
- Caroline Ferrari, ambassador of France to Denmark
- Anne Sevel, Head of Communications, Jobindex

- Mette Boysen co-author of the book "Myter om magten" (Myths about power) about women in top-management.

The 2 round table discussions will be followed by an exchange with the audience where you will be able to share your experience and ask the speakers some questions.

The discussions will be moderated by two TWICE members,  Monica Calvert, Lead Geophysicist at Total and TWICE member and Nathalie Fernandes, Senior Business Improvement Manager at Total. 

The conference will be introduced by Martin Pedersen (VP for Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands at TOTAL) and Anders Torbøl (President of the Chamber of Commerce). 
The conference will be followed by a cocktail, during which you will have the opportunity to taste a glass of wine from our sponsor Les Grands Chais de France. 

Please sign up on this link no later than 5th of March

Practical information: 
Date: March 7th, 16.30 
Venue: Total Upstream Danmark A/S, Amerika Pl. 29, 2100 København 

For this exceptional conference, feel free to invite your colleagues, customers, partners, male and female, balance is better! 

Jeudi 7 mars 2019 16h30
Total Upstream Danmark A/S
Amerika Pl. 29
2100 København

Total Upstream Danmark A/S

Amerika Pl. 29
2100 København

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Jeudi 7 mars 2019 16h30
Total Upstream Danmark A/S
Amerika Pl. 29
2100 København
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