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Demola Network


Väinö Linnan aukio 15
Tampere - Finlande


Korpiluoto Ville
Head of Demola Tampere


What is Demola?

In short, Demola is an international organization that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies, either locally or internationally. To be more specific, Demola is…

-a network that consists of various partners including universities, their faculties, researchers and students, as well as companies, local agencies and a growing number of Demola Centers around the globe. Not only are we international, we are interdisciplinary.

-a process that is formatted and facilitated. The Demola process ensures that the work is systematic and runs on schedule. This way, the work itself can be as creative as possible, but the process keeps things under control both in terms of time and deliverable.

-a co-creation concept that is geared to solve real challenges. Every project has an outcome – be it a new concept, a demo, or a prototype. If the partner company finds the outcome useful, the company can license or purchase the outcome, and take it for further development.

-a framework that makes is easy for partners to come in and cooperate. Each partner has a clear role, and the work is guided by simple procedures. Contracts, intellectual property rights, licensing models, and other legal requirements are in place and meet international business standards and practices.