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Θέμα για Διδακτορική διατριβή : Connectomic analysis of multiscale biological cellular networks in mineralized tissues

07 mai 2021 Revenir en France
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Profile and skills required:
  • The candidate is expected to have a solid background in physics, preferentially in physics of complex systems and/or networks.
  • A good programming background in Python programming is mandatory.
  • An experience in image/signal processing would also be a strong asset.
  • A basic knowledge of biology would be appreciated but not mandatory.
  • A good level of english is expected.
PhD funding (01-10-2021 to 30-09-2024): 1768.55 euros brut per month
This PhD project aims to better understand the role of complex cellular networks in mineralized tissues (bones & teeth). The analysis of complex networks is a fascinating field with incredibly varied applications: social networks interactions, logistic transport, telecom and computing infrastructures etc. It is also a cornerstone of neuroscience, where biologists seek to understand the relations between measured functions and the brain organization. At the most fundamental level, this implies understanding how the topology/connectivity of the neuron network determines higher scale functions and vice versa. Interestingly, few people know that there are as many cells in the human skeleton as there are in the brain and that both have a similar dendritic phenotype, i.e. are highly interconnected. It is therefore tempting to apply similar ideas developed in the general framework of complex networks analysis to bones.
PhD supervisor: Aurélien GOURRIER ([email protected])
Beginning of the PhD on October 01st 2021
Application until (included) May 14th 2021
More infos:


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