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Apéro Scientifique: Science VS. Covid-19

Groupe "Irlande"


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Organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland and the Alliance Française

We knew it was possible, we knew it had happened in the past, and yet it surprised us all, and resulted in a unique hardly anticipated situation. Nothing changed and all is different. Healthcare got the frightening main role. Science stood up to react, faster than ever, never fast enough. Is this the rehearsal of crises to come? If we were so poorly prepared, what have we learnt to make a difference? Join our panel of experts from France and Ireland, for a virtual discussion in French – this time, you’ll have to bring your own drinks!

For this apéro scientifique, the moderators will be: Virginie Gautier (principal investigator, UCD Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases), Cliona O'Farrelly (professor in comparative Immunology & Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin), Darragh Duffy (Scientist, Institut Pasteur, LabEx Milieu Intérieur) and Dr Amélie Rouger (Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Teagasc), accompanied by Mr Marc Girod (Software Engineer, Salesforce).

To attend on the day, join the video meeting on Zoom:


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