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03 avril 2019

Colloquium: The Increases of Global Knowledges and Technologies Brought to the World by CERN and Its Type of Management

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This talk is addressed to the general public. It explains the history and the type of organisation used at CERN, which led over a long and persistent effort to the success of fundamental research for exploring some of the fundamental laws of nature as well as to some technological breakthroughs, while being profitable from an economical point of view. It emphasises that the general methodology and international politics introduced by CERN can be generalised to solve other big and long term questions, such as climate, malnutrition, water access, and, in general, to specific non-trivial technological questions. It explains the new methods of human organisation policy that helped to develop the necessary European global collaborations, even between countries sometimes embedded in momentary geopolitical conflicts and often, with historical conflicting past. The talk also explains some of the fundamental discoveries of CERN and sketches in a pedagogical way our present understanding of the microscopic properties of our gigantic Universe and some of the mysteries of quantum gravity.

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