" Bonjour, everyone!!

I was so lucky to be awarded as the winner of Kuis Kampus France Alumni Contest by France Alumni Indonesia. I didn’t expect to be winner at the first place. I just shared my unique experience during my studies in France honestly and shared about my feelings during that time. It was day -2 when I heard the announcement, suddenly I got notification from my Instagram somebody tagged the photo, I opened it, then I could see my name on it, I was the winner yeah!

Directly I told my friend that I would join them to the event, prepare my outfit, and get ready for the party! I got the day 2 ticket which means Saturday. It was so crowded on the day. I entered with my friend, the first artist I chose was Lany because I love it. We were dancing, shouting, singing till the end of the show. I saw Cash Cash also, the American Electronic Music Group, seriously they just made the event memorable for everyone. They were so entertaining, for me they just made the event blast till the end of the show. Then I went to Phoenix, yes the French rock band! Actually, I knew this band since I arrived in France for the first time in 2013. The best was too young! Omg all people were singing and dancing together.

At the end of the whole show, I was so tired after all the laughs and dancing. I couldn’t feel my both legs, sweaty, but I was a lot of fun. Next year, I definitely will go to We the fest again. Merci, France Alumni for the gift! Thanks WE THE FEST for making such a good memorable event!    

Adrian Hartadi - IFP School Paris, Rueil Malmaison (2014-2016)