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Bourse Liam Swords 2020

04 mars 2020 Affaires
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Candidatures avant le 6 mars 2020!

Cette bourse propose de financer l'hébergement au Centre culturel irlandais à Paris pour une durée de 3 mois pour tout étudiant inscrit dans l'enseignement supérieur irlandais.

Voir les informations en anglais ci-dessous et sur le site :

The bursary provides financial support to a student of talent from the Irish Higher Education Sector to pursue his/her studies/research/training for 3 months in Paris.

Criteria for Applicants

  •               The applicant must be a student or researcher from any discipline at post-graduate level or higher in an Irish                               University, Institute of Technology or of Higher Education.
  • He/she is required to be resident in Paris for the 3 month period for the purposes of access to research sources, attendance at a French centre of learning or an apprenticeship.
  • He/she must reside at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris during this period.
  • He/she must present work at a public event in the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris entitled ‘The Rev. Liam Swords Foundation Presentation 2018’. This will most likely take place in Nov. 2018.
  • He/she must present work at a public event in the Royal Irish Academy (RIA), Dublin entitled ‘The Rev. LiamSwords Foundation Presentation 2018’. This will most likely take place in Feb. 2019.
  • He/she must provide digital copy of work for inclusion on the official Foundation website.    

Value of Bursary

The scholarship will pay for accommodation at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, currently costing €1000/month approximately for a room with a study. This will be paid directly to the Centre Culturel Irlandais. A further stipend of €700/month for travel and living expenses will be offered to the winning applicant. This will be paid by bank transfer at the end of each month.  A further €200 will be given to cover travel expenses.  The final amount will be paid after the Fr. Liam Swords Foundation Presentation. 

  • Deadline for receipt of applications:  Friday 6th March 2020
  • Publication of results:  March 2020
  • Time line for study/activity in Paris:  1st June 2020 - 31st August 2020.
  • Public presentation entitled ‘the Rev. Liam Swords Foundation Presentation 2020’ in Paris and in Dublin.(Date to be confirmed).


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