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Boston Career Forum Online 2020

Groupe "Japon"


World's largest job fair for Japanese-English bilinguals, the Boston Career Forum has been holding online this year!

【What is Boston Career Forum Online】
1. Apply from anywhere in the world at any time.
2. Wide range of jobs for new grads, working professionals, and also internships.
3. No need to wait until the event to interview: possibility of getting a job offer faster
4. Meet companies through live online seminars and Q&A instead of walk-in to company booths
5. Maximize your opportunity through company info sessions, industry panel discussions, keynote lectures and career seminars
6. Everything from applying, interviewing and getting a job offer/internship all in one place (may vary by company)

【Event qualification】
Possesses a minimum of beginner level in both Japanese and English and one of the following:
-Recent graduates or students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or higher degree program (Master, MBA, Ph.D., etc.) outside of Japan or have study abroad experience outside of Japan
-Professionals with study abroad or work experience outside of Japan
*Those who still have a while until graduation are welcome to participate to find internships or conduct company research
*All majors welcome (students with a technical major are welcome to participate)

Start the process now with 3 easy steps
1. [Event registration]
2. [Create CFN Resume via MyCFN]
3. [Apply from Participating companies list] (More companies set to participate!)


Take advantage of Boston Career Forum ONLINE 2020, the world's largest online job hunting event for Japanese-English bilinguals!

*Not Ready for Career Forum? Attend that webinar for preparation ! 

Contact information
CFN (CareerForum.Net)
[email protected]

Du Vendredi 11 septembre 2020
au Dimanche 15 novembre 2020
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Du Vendredi 11 septembre 2020
au Dimanche 15 novembre 2020
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