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London CF Online "Career Advising"

Groupe "Japon"


All slots full. Thanks for your reservation.

In collaboration between CFN and France Alumni, we have prepared priority slots for regular students in French universities!

France Alumni has partnered with CFN to provide career support to students/formers students in France.

How to book?

As this is for UK & EU Full time students only, only those with the event page URL will have access to the page.  If you are a CFN member, you will receive an email from CFN with the event page URL. (Email will be sent out every Monday and Thursday to new registrants only once.)

If you are not a CFN member yet, please register here.


London CF Online

[email protected]

CFN - CareerForum.Net

Du Mardi 26 janvier 2021
au Mardi 30 mars 2021
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Du Mardi 26 janvier 2021
au Mardi 30 mars 2021
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