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18 mars 2018


The 4 new programs with the label "Make Our Planet Great Again" launched in March 2018 are supervised by Campus France and financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

  1. A co-financed program for doctoral contracts: institutions will receive co-financing up to 50,000€ to host a doctoral student for 3 years. About 20 doctoral students will receive fundings for thesis starting in 2018.
    Institutions can apply until March 30 here. 
    The application period for students will span from April 5 to 20, 2018. 
  2. A co-financed program of post-doctoral research contracts: host institutions will receive co-financing up to 25,000€ for a year and 50,000€ for two years to host a post-doctoral student in research. 20 to 40 post-doctoral students will receive fundings for stays starting in 2018.
    International researchers can apply until April 6 here.
  3. A research short stays program: funding mobility from 14 days to 5 months for doctoral students or researchers in France. At least 40 mobilities financed for stays solely in 2018.
    International researchers can apply until April 6 here.
  4. A Master scholarships program up to 1,060€/month for students who want to come for 2 years in Masters course or one year in Masters 2 course (granting a degree equivalent to the grade of Masters'): about 50 scholarships for the start of academic year 2018.
    International students can apply until April 6 here.

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