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Amman - Jordanie


Assainissement / distribution d'eau / Traitement des déchets


SUEZ Groupe is a worldwide French Company, specialized in water, waste water and waste. 

SUEZ Strategy: to play a leading role in the worldwide resource revolution and its expertise in water and waste management for more than 150 years. 

SUEZ Mission: designing and implementing new solutions to take on the four major challenges of the resource revolution: developing access to resources, protecting them, optimizing their use and producing new ones.  

DAOM stands for Disi Amman Operation & Maintenance, it is a Jordanian Company fully owned by SUEZ Groupe.

DAOM was first registered in 2009 when it signed a 25 years operation and maintenance contract for the so-called DISI project which started on 9th of May 2014 to operate and maintain the Disi – Mudawarra to Amman water conveyance project.

Since this date, DAOM has been supplying Amman with 100 million cubic meters of water yearly. This water being fully compliant with the Jordanian standards for drinking water.