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Jie Sun

Discover the testimony of Jie Sun who studied in France for her Master Degree.


  • Could you please, introduce yourself ?

My name is Sun Jie. I had a bachelor's degree in statistics from National University of Singapore and worked at a healthcare market research agency for 2+ years before going to France for my master's degree. 


  • Why did you choose France in the first place for studying?
To experience a different way of living. I have visited France a few times before and was impressed by the level of history of culture embedded all over France. 
  • What did you learn during your internship at Pierre Fabre?

The company's business operations in Asia-Pac, our products' marketing strategies & operations, opportunities and challenges in each market.  

In my previous job, I often offered advice to pharmaceutical companies regarding the marketing of a product. During my internship at Pierre Fabre, I learned that apart from a good strategy, execution is the key. 
  • What are the main differences between working in France and working in Singapore?
Efficiency and accountability is at the core of the professional culture (and to some extent, the social culture) in Singapore. In France, respect for personal life and work-life balance is much more highlighted. 
  • What is your most amazing memory about life in France?

The glider experience and the sky-diving experience in the south of France.


  • Can you give any advise on student that are hesitated to go to study in France?
You need to question yourself the purpose of going overseas, and make necessary preparations in order to live that life to the fullest. Ask people around, and gather as much information as possible. 


France is not romantic, especially not in Paris. But it's a great country full of arts, culture, rich history and great tradition of humanism.

My life in France has truly transformed me.