L'institut Convergence agriculture numérique finance chaque année entre 12 et 15 thèses et environ 25 stages.

Un appel à candidatures vient d'être lancé pour 14 bourses de thèses dans différentes structures en France. Les sujets sont les suivants : 

1) Integrating metabolomic data by quantification of high throughput data. Application to perinatal mortality in pigs.

2) Distribute durably with digital? The case of fresh agricultural and food products.

3) Leverage Multi-Source Remote Sensing data via machine learning to improve Crop Monitoring Systems:   a Cross-comparison between France and Senegal

6) Selecting pesticidal plants for animal and plant health in Africa using exploratory conceptual navigation.

7) Applying big data methodologies to improve the chemometrics local-PLS algorithms.

8) Combining Semantic Web and modelling approaches for organizing phenotyping data collected at different scales of plant organization. 

9) Interactive exact optimisation for numerical services to agriculture. 

10) Data analysis from the connected beehives of beekeepers. 

11) Improving innovation processes in digital agriculture. 

12) The Innovation System of Digital Agriculture facing the ecological transition. 

13) Improving food security systems by linking heterogeneous data - The case of agricultural production in West Africa. 

14) Quantification of pest regulation by generalist predators by analysis of image sequence to determine and quantify network of interactions, case of the banana weevil 

Pour plus d'informations, rendez-vous sur www.hdigitag.fr

Vous pouvez retrouver le détail des sujets de thèses proposés ici.

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