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Green cities
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Green cities: Architecture & City Planning

Groupe "Suède"

Sustainable architecture and city planning

The French Institute in collaboration with France Alumni Suède invites you to the second edition of
“Soirées de l’Institut” on the 13th of June (17:30-19:00) at the French Residence!

  This time the focus will be on sustainable architecture and city planning.

The discussion will explore the way climate change influences architecture and city planning. How do
we face the new challenges that come with climate change? How can we create and manage
buildings in a sustainable way? And, how can we integrate Nature in the process of urbanization?
We will approach these questions on sustainability from a French and Swedish perspective. French
and Swedish architects will discuss the differences between the countries and see where they stand
today to encounter climate change.

Cities across Europe are facing issues such as flooding, drought and heat stress that will only become
more and more challenging with the current climate change in an increasingly urbanized world. In
these cases the use of nature-based solutions in processes of urbanization can help tackle social
inequality, biodiversity loss and other climate change impacts.

High quality green spaces and waterbodies are innovative solutions that enhance cities resilience to
these challenges, and help biodiversity to flourish. Making nature part of the urban living
environment also improves quality of life for all citizens and enables business to prosper.
Nevertheless, the successful design and implementation of city strategies for nature-based solutions
requires a careful consideration of a number of key aspects of making them sustainable to both the
environment and the population.

The conversation between Reija Toivio (SWE), Senior Project Architect at Brunnberg & Forshed, Yves
Chantereau (FR), Senior architect & partner at Equator and Peter Wiborn (SWE), Project Manager at
Miljöförvaltningen, will be moderated by Åsa Minoz, Head of Communications at Viable Cities.

The event is free but registration is needed!



Jeudi 13 juin 2019
17h30 - 19h00 (GMT +2)
Résidence de France en Suède
Narvavägen 26
115 22 Stockholm
Sur les réseaux sociaux

Résidence de France en Suède

Narvavägen 26
115 22 Stockholm


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Jeudi 13 juin 2019
17h30 - 19h00 (GMT +2)
Résidence de France en Suède
Narvavägen 26
115 22 Stockholm
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