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MBA: France is gaining momentum

The Insead beats Harvard


The Insead was the fourth best management school in 2015. Today, it's ranked first, before the prestigious Harvard Business School.


A dashing ascent

The best MBA in France is French. That's what the 2016 global ranking review of MBAs by the Financial Times says. This reference ranking is used by recruiters all over the world and ranks the European Institute of Business Administration (Insead) first, before Harvard Business School and London Business School.

The management school in Fontainebleau has experimented a dazzling ascent: from 4th to 1st in one year. Ilian Mihov, Dean of the Insead, explains this progress with the localisation diversity of its students: the Insead hosts 157 nationalities, and its 50,000 alumni work in 147 countries. Criteria used by the FT include the diversity of origins, but it is not the only one, despite its significance: critical selection criteria also include employment rate, equality between men and women or annual salary three years after passing the degree.


French offer is renown

While the ranking is still widely dominated by English-speaking institutions - 47 of the best MBAs in the world are now American- this success is a small revolution in itself. The upward trend of French MBAs is also confirmed by the more discreet if not only actual rise of HEC in the global ranking: the business school in Jouy-en-Josas went up one rank and is now ranked 15 in the FT ranking.

Last but not least: the entries of the Edhec (École des hautes études commerciales du nord) and Grenoble School of Management in the FT ranking. They are ranked 84th and 94th respectively.

MBA: a career booster

Every year, at least 300,000 senior executives pass an MBA in the world in marketing, finance, management and human resources. Very high level degrees allow to specialise, change career or simply boost your career with a much-appreciated international value for recruiters.