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Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
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Thu Trang TRUONG
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As a TRAINER, your MAIN TASKS will be:
❖ Fine tune the adaptation of the content training
➢ Strong understanding of the needs of the beneficiaries
➢ Good ownership of the methodology of content training
➢ Proactive attitude towards the training materials
❖ Plan training schedule & deliver training content
➢ Liaise with local institutions and authorities, anticipate appropriate paperwork to ensure the training program to be delivered in time
➢ Organize training schedules, while taking into account constraints of beneficiaries:
 Often night classes, 2 - 3 sessions/week
 Weekly individual follow-up sessions & post-training visits to each beneficiary. Those visits are to take place on the field of operation of beneficiaries, and should count up to 60% - 70% of the total workload of trainer. For such purpose, trainer should be able to drive motorbike.
➢ Deliver the training as scheduled
➢ Organize graduation ceremony for beneficiaries
❖ Ensure the quality of the training program
➢ Deliver courses as defined with the Project Manager
➢ Ensure beneficiaries’ understanding
➢ Ensure the quality of in-class sessions, follow-up sessions & post-training visits
❖ Evaluate the impact and the relevance of the training program on the day-to-day beneficiaries’ business
➢ Report feedbacks in order to better tailor the program
➢ Be proactive and make relevant suggestions to improve the content and methodology based on own experience and practical observation.
➢ Fill and maintain the database of beneficiaries
❖ Report to Project Manager
➢ Ensure weekly & monthly reports to Project Manager
➢ Share all supporting documents used to deliver the training
➢ Ensure that the accurate version of all documents is known and shared
❖ Participate to the launch of the program and contribute to its durability
➢ Promote the MSE program and participate to the recruitment of beneficiaries

Description de la société

The European Institute of Cooperation and Development (IECD, is a non-for-profit organization established in 1988 that is mainly acting in the field of international solidarity. The organization is focusing on socio-economic development programs in partnership with local institutions around the world. IECD is active in the fields of vocational training and social integration, support to small entrepreneurs and the promotion of education and health for vulnerable people.

In 2013, IECD launched the Small Entrepreneurs Support program in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) based on the same model as the one displayed in Africa and in the Middle East, in partnership with the Social Development Training Center (SDTC) – a department of the Ton Duc Thang University (TDT). To date, more than 1 000 small entrepreneurs (active or future ones) have been trained in different districts of Ho Chi Minh Ville.

To develop the Support to Small Entrepreneurs program, IECD has done over the years an important institutional work in Vietnam to create new partnerships with other agents in the development sector (ESF, PE&D, Bright Solutions, LIN, etc.), with local authorities or public structures (CEP, Women Union, Youth Union, etc.) and with private companies.

Thanks to its solid local anchorage, IECD decided at the end of 2015 to implement new programs in Vietnam. IECD currently runs 4 projects in the country, 2 of them being backed by AFD (the French Development Agency):
- The Support to Small Entrepreneurs program in Ho Chi Minh City
- A bread and pastry making school located in Hué, created in 1998 and supported by IECD since 2015. Thanks to its social business economic model, the school self-finances more than 90% of its operating expenses.
- A bread and pastry making school located in HCMC. Inspired by the one in Hué, the school was launched in December 2017 and it is also run as a social business
- The Seeds of Hope program that trains young Vietnamese for careers in electricity and automotive maintenance in HCMC

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We are looking for smart, talented, passionate and hardworking young professionals to join the team.
You are a Vietnamese professional, and have accumulated a valuable experience of 3 or 4 years?
You are graduated from Business Administration with FRENCH and English skills?
You want to contribute to make the micro entrepreneurs community more sustainable?
You want to challenge yourself and develop your teaching skills?
You are not reluctant to be on the field 60% - 70% of your time visiting your beneficiaries?

If you have replied positively to all the above questions, then we would be very happy to welcome you on board of IECD team


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