Date de publication
Type de contrat
Emploi (12 mois)
Aravinda Resort Ninh Bình
Ninh Binh / Vietnam / Ninh Binh
Hôtellerie - Restauration - Tourisme
AR - Chief
Hoa My Linh
Téléphone : 0919210688
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Description du poste

1. To actively demonstrate excellence in customer care and service, maintaining high levels of respect and a professional image at all times within the hotel.

2. Under the guidance and management of the Room Division Manager, to supervise work assignments for Security Officers and Security Staff.

3. Responsible for preventing avoidable loss to the hotel, guests and staff, whilst aiming to provide a hazard free environment for both guests and staff.

4. Assist hotel staff in handling of unusual guest or employee problems, such as, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, thefts, suicides, bomb threats, employee or guest accidents, fire or safety hazards, robberies, terrorist activities, civil disturbance, power or elevator failures, medical assistance and natural disasters.

5. To ensure procedures are in place to provide effective and continuous training in order to complete legal requirements of Health & Safety and Security within the hotel.

6. To encourage a departmental culture of well trained, informed and motivated staff all working towards the hotel's vision and company values.

7. To establish effective communication with all departments with special emphasis on the key departments working with Security, i.e. Front of House, Maintenance and Events
8. To ensure that continual 'on the job training' and coaching is carried out with the Duty Security officers. To encourage the development of all staff to achieve the highest standards of performance, giving feedback on a regular basis

9. Assists in developing safe and secure measures and defined procedures to safeguard VIP and other guests, hotel property and colleagues, conference and banqueting functions & vehicles owned by the hotel and private vehicles within the property.

10. Carry out frequent patrols of all guest floors, public and service areas within the Hotel, including irregular checks of the perimeter, reporting irregularities and or safety and security concerns to the relevant departments or individuals.

11. To ensure guest rooms, offices, service cupboards and any other appropriate doors are locked and free of fire and health hazards.

12. Investigate all accidents and injuries; whether to a guest, member of staff, or to Hotel property. Deal with valuable lost and found property and associated documentation, including items for safekeeping and long-term storage.

13. Control access and egress from staff entrance, including verification, preparation, issue and recovery of ID cards and visitor passes. To ensure no unauthorized persons enter the company premises and to ensure that all Persons properly seeking admission are courteously received and assisted

14. Ensure an in depth understanding and correct usage of the CCTV system.

15. Investigate promptly and when appropriate, take corrective action in the event of emergencies, especially fire and intruder alarms and any urgent calls for assistance from guests or staff. Prepares daily incident reports, Investigation, Loss or Accident Reports as and when necessary.

16. To be fully conversant with all procedures and able to conduct a full evacuation of the Hotel, including disabled guests, in the event of a fire, bomb threat or power down situation.

17. To carry out all duties with due regard for the specifications of relevant & related legislation, namely: Licensing Act, Hotel Proprietors Act, Health and Safety at Work Act, PACE ACT and such sections of the following that apply
a. Race Relations Act
b. Theft Act
c. Criminal Damage Act
d. Sexual Offenders Act
e. Gambling Act
f. Staff Search Policy
g. Grievance and Disciplinary Act

18. To be conversant with criminal law and to be able to carry out duties and training within following Acts and policies, in particular Theft Act, Criminal Damage act, Public Order Act, Drugs Act, Powers of Arrest Act, Data Protection, Human Rights

19. Generally being alert for opportunities to improve the profitability of the department i.e. through controlling the wastage and being responsible for the economy of all utilities and resources.

Description de la société

Situated in a complex of majestic mountainous area inside Hoa Lu – the Old Capital, surrounded by natural sights and countryside life which is full of tranquility and chastity, Aravinda is the harmony of Ninhbinh’s outstanding features and very Vietnamese grace. All of those are presented through the exclusive architecture, healthy gastronomy style as well as the tenderness, sincerity we strongly expect to give you.
In Sanskrit, Aravinda means “blue lotus” which is the symbol of tranquility, belief and purified heart. These meanings have laid a foundation to construct different values in all facilities and services in Aravinda resort with the guideline of giving the tourists intriguing experiences.

Description du profil

To oversee the overall operation of the Security department in the protection of hotel, guest & employee property. To ensure guest & employee safety in accordance with operational standards & relevant legislation.