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07 svibanj 2021

The 20 winning start-ups of the French Tech Green20 programme

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The list of the 20 start-ups greentech that will benefit from support from the French government has been released by the French ministries of ecological transition and digital transition. These start-ups have the means to rapidly become technological leaders of ecological transition and showcase the new support programme French Tech Green20.


French Tech to build a world that makes sense


The Mission French Tech drives all of the projects. It is, as it defines itself, an administration, reporting to the French government, which represents “a new generation of civil servants, who handle public policy and financing as well as marketing and programme design”.

The Mission leads what is called French Tech, i.e. a French movement of start-ups, “a unique ecosystem of start-ups, but also investors, decisionmakers and community builders”. The objective and role of this movement are clear: the idea is to turn France into “one of the most attractive country for start-ups that want to launch themselves, conquer international markets and build a future that makes sense”.


Originality of the French Tech Green20 programme


To achieve this goal, the French Tech Green20 programme is looking for “the new technological champions of ecological transition”. This new programme is part of the French Tech for the Planet dynamic, of which it is “the first brick”. French Tech for the planet was launched in late 2020. Its objective is to turn the environmental challenge into a critical aspect of French strategy in the tech industry.

Designers of the programme say this scheme is based on “a conviction: the French Tech ecosystem is a critical source of innovation to boost ecological transition”. As such, “it must be the driving force behind this transformation by offering solutions to citizens and businesses, while at the same time being part of a positive impact approach”. It is therefore this project entirely dedicated to high-potential greentech start-ups that will “offer unprecedented support to 20 companies”.




Typology of the 20 winning start-ups


According to the minister of ecological transition and the secretary of State in charge of digital transition who announced the winners, “among the 20 winning start-ups, the representation of seven regions shows the territorial dynamic all over France”.

In addition to this implementation, start-ups were chosen because of the environmental impact of their solutions and their capacity to deploy. In detail, among the “20 promising gems”, 90% contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, 70% contribute to reducing waste and 60% have a positive impact on the quality of air. According to ministries, these start-ups “bring innovative solutions to various stakes, from air contamination to energy renovation and greening of cities”. And they have “the capacity to rapidly develop and scale” these solutions.


Multiple support


To develop, the selected 20 start-ups will now benefit from the support of the Mission French Tech, the services of the Ministry of Ecological Transition as well as a network of French Tech correspondents in more than 60 public services (ministries and public institutions).

In concrete terms, this support provides several means, such as increased visibility with participation in events organised in favour of the ecological transition, consolidated support from State services, assistance with international development, participation in recruitment, assistance with regulations, contact with scientific experts, funding leads, etc. All of these facilities should enable the “French Tech ecosystem to grow and shine”.


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Photo credit: © La French Tech


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