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Training Internship as assistant to the project Director
Stage, Brossac, Charente, Nouvelle Aquitaine. (France)
Publiée le 24/06/2021, modifiée le 26/06/2021
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Keuangan / Manajemen / Audit
Pemasaran / Pemasaran Web
Organisasi / Sistem informasi
Sumber Daya Manusia / Pelatihan
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Pelatihan dan Pendidikan
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Deskripsi perusahaan

La Giraudiere is the home of the association "Les Amis De La Giraudière" situated one kilometre from the village of Brossac which is in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, South west France. L'Association, Les Amis De La Giraudière is a non-profit, non government organisation, NGO, registered with the prefecture of the department of the Charente. Our national identification is number is Numero siret 798 712 048 00015.
La Giraudiere offers internships and volunteers programs in South West France you can read more about us at
A major benefit of the La Giraudière internship is that it is all 'in house' - it is us that have marketed our internship, it is us that will accommodate the interns and it is here that the internship will be located. You will not be going somewhere else for your internship orientation or for your language course prior to taking up your internship, - it will take place here at La Giraudière. What is included is not just the accommodation and the meals, there is so much more. The excursions, the involvement in local life, the transfers .... read more upon our website.

Deskripsi kedudukan

As assistant to the project director your duties will be varied and interesting.
Primary Contact Communications
Selection and recruitment
Scheduling accommodation
Logistics and communications
Planning - human resources
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Marketing search engine optimization, blogging and social media
Event planning
Assessment - Your French, or English, language skills will be assessed in terms of Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production and Writing. You will benefit from a Group Lessons - Half a day each week there is a group French lesson.
Appraisal - A final appraisal of your improvement as compared with your original assessment will be carried out during the last week of your internship, and an award of French Language attainment will be presented alongside your Certificate of Internship and Letter of Achievement.

Profil recherché

The principle objective of our training, or learning, internships is they are designed to bridge the gap between studying and starting your working life. So if boosting your CV, or resume, and gaining some valuable work experience and priceless knowledge is your goal then for sure the internships at La Giraudiere will give you and your career prospects that extra edge needed in today's competitive job market. Come and acquire some new skills and read more about
Internship Type – Tasks and projects related to the organisation’s purpose and mission and possibly encompassing the academic or business qualification you hope to receive or may already have. This internship will include a group French, or English language lessons each week.
Interns Career Level – Trainee/Intern
Length of Internship – The minimum internship is 2 months
Intern Dates – Dates at present are flexible with places available spring, summer and the fall.
Hours – The maximum hours for Erasmus Interns is 32 hours per week includes your Language lessons half day per week.
Your Resume / CV just got a boost:
Rewards – At the completion of the internship you will receive a Certificate of Internship, a Letter of Achievement, an award of French Language attainment and the knowledge of how to make a Resume / CV that is search engine friendly.

La Giraudiere, Chemin De La Giraudiere
Kode pos
Brossac Nouvelle Aquitaine 
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