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19 mai 2021

Latin America and Caribbean Week 2021: the must-see event

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With the improvement of the sanitary context, France is once again honouring Latin America and the Caribbean. From 27 May to 12 June, through more than 300 cultural, scientific, political, economic and festive events, most of which will be held online, this 8th Week is an opportunity to highlight the ties between Latin America, the Caribbean and France.


"No other region of the world is honoured in France in this way and no other country than France dedicates such a week to Latin America and the Caribbean!" 

This is how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is leading the project, describes the event, recalling that it was the French Senate that took the initiative in 2011 to dedicate a day on 31 May each year to Latin America and the Caribbean. From 2014, the coordination of this event was entrusted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which, thanks to the contribution of many partners, has ensured that this Day has become a Week.


A diverse, decentralised and connected event


Cancelled last year due to the pandemic, Latin America and Caribbean Week returns this year as an “increasingly diverse, decentralised and connected” event.

The 2021 programme is made up of many initiatives: those of the embassies of Latin American and Caribbean countries in France, but also of associations, educational and research institutions, museums and art galleries. More than 300 events are being organised “by almost as many partners”, on a “mosaic of themes”: dance, crafts, gastronomy, cinema, music, literary, scientific or professional meetings etc. This year, the organisers and their partners have adapted to health requirements to open up to new virtual formats so that most of the events can be followed from screens. It should also be noted that many initiatives are “decentralised” throughout France (and sometimes in person).


High-level political and economic meetings


In addition to this festive side, the 2021 edition of the Latin America and Caribbean Week will also present other less entertaining aspects. As the ministry points out, this edition will be “marked by high-level political and economic meetings”, in order to “think about the relationship between Latin America, the Caribbean and France” and “highlight our partnerships and unite our energies in the face of today's world challenges”.

It is in this perspective that the International Economic Forum of Latin America and the Caribbean is organised, prepared in particular by the OECD Development Centre and the Agence Française de Développement. Similarly, the Ambition Amérique latine Business Forum, managed by Business France under supervision by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Economy, should bring together (in virtual mode) high-level Latin American and French participants.

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concludes that over the years, “the Week has become in turn scholarly, popular or festive, but always a must, in Paris and throughout France”.


To know more:

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