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Month of Europe 2023: France shows its colours!

09 mai 2023 コミュニティー
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Since 1951, 9 May is the Day of Europe celebrating peace and unity in Europe. More than the day of 9 May, the whole month has become “the month of Europe”, as we can see in all the events planned in France and all European countries throughout this period. It is a clear way to show your colours, including in higher education institutions.

As the official website of the European Union explains, the Day of Europe celebrates the conclusion of the Schuman declaration of 9 May 1950 proposing “an ambitious plan to draw long-term peace throughout post-war Europe”. To mark this ambition, institutions in the EU, including delegations and representatives of the EU worldwide, offer a series of activities for “citizens to discover the European Union and understand it better”.

A better knowledge of institutions

According to the European Commission, in May, the Day of Europe attracts “citizens who want to know more about the way the EU supports peace, security and democracy” in this particular backdrop of the war in Ukraine and other conflicts in the world. The Day of Europe 2023 should also allow to understand better the efforts deployed by the EU to make Europe both “ecological, digital and competitive, socially equitable and qualified, but also strong, resilient and sure”. 

In this, the various institutions of the EU organise in their premises a “broad range of interactive activities”. Three dates and three symbolic institutions places were chosen to celebrate this anniversary: 6 May in Brussels, 9 May in Luxemburg, and 13 May in Strasburg, with an opening to the public in the European Parliament to discover the headquarters of the biggest European institution.


2023, European year of skills

But the year 2023, for the European commission, is more than anything the European Year of Skills. Indeed, the EU wants to commit for employment, supporting on the one hand “citizens acquire the skills adequate for quality jobs” and support on the other hand companies to better “face the shortage of skills”.

From May 2023 to 2024, with an official launch on 9 May, events will be organised in all countries in the EU to promote various objectives in relation with skills. The European Year of Skills wants to provide a new kick to learning throughout life, providing the young (and the less young) and companies the means to contribute to ecological and digital transition. In concrete terms, the European Year of Skills will help companies, and SMEs in particular, to address skills shortage by encouraging “a spirit of vocational retraining and professional improvement”.


Places of education in the colours of Europe

In addition to official events, and in many numerous French higher education institutions, the month of Europe is also an opportunity to organise multiple events in the colours of Europe. This is the case (and the list is not exclusive):

  • in the University of Rennes which celebrates Europe throughout in the form of exhibitions, screenings, conferences, visits, concerts, debates, and more;
  • in the Catholic University of Lille invites all its staff to celebrate Europe, to discover the European culinary specialities;
  • the University of Franche-Comté organises a Celebration of Europe, with stand attended by the European and International Relations Administration;
  • the University of Lorraine organises a special day, “Let’s reechant Europe” focused on the Month of Europe;
  • the PSL University, and more particularly, the Ecole Normale Supérieure, organises an exceptional cycle of conferences, “cornerstone of the Spring of Europe 2023” focuses the theme “How to change European Union: structure and strategies”;
  • and Sciences Po Strasburg partners with the European Parliament to organise a programme this year including five conferences and commissions on a common topic, “Europe before the new disruptions of the world”.


An Event in Paris

Still during the Celebration of Europe, the event “Careers of Europe” planned on 13 May is also organised on the esplanade of the City Hall in Paris by the House of Europe to understand how to build a career in European institutions and/or work on European issues in the French administration, local and territorial communities. The objective of this event is to inform, to make discover the possible paths, various professional opportunities and bridges between French and European institutions.

A group of representatives of European institutions and the French administration will also be present onsite to invite students, young graduates and young professionals “to discuss and discover the trades and many opportunities” in the EU (jobs, internships, recruitment challenges, desired skills, mobility programmes, and more). The round table will focus on personal stories and discussions with representatives of institutions to answer the questions of the audience.


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