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31 marca 2022 Społeczność
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Why come to study in France? What is it like to study in France? What is everyday life like? Can you find your way, here? Can you learn your future profession? Our new communication campaign hands the mic to those who know best: alumni. The “Rendez-vous en France” of Sandra, who is originally from Nigeria, is first a commitment to the access to education, which led her to create her NGO. Learn more about her journey.

Her "rendez-vous en France": her commitment to education


After passing a degree in International Relations in London, Sandra chose to continue her studies in France, at the iaelyon School of Management, in a Master’s degree course in International Business Management.

In 2017, Sandra put her higher education training at the service of her calling: she founded Safe Love International, a “humanitarian start-up” fighting for the empowerment and education of young Nigerian girls. Today, Sandra works from Paris with institutions and bodies such as the MIT or the Nigerian government.


I came to France because I wanted an international education. Some may see the language - French - as a deterrent factor before coming to France, but I think this precisely why you should come and study here.

Learning a new language is exciting!



Along with Sandra, Campus France invites you to come to France.


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